Scarlet is an established playwright in the Kitchener-Waterloo. She has written a number of one-act plays covering a broad range of styles and stories that have been performed in Page 1 Productions’ OutFest, JM Drama’s ActOne Festival, and the Night/Shift Place-hacking Festival, among others.

Her recent works include:

Ophelia, a work that draws parallels between an aging librarian with HIV in the ’80s and the writings of a teenage intersex woman from 1911.

Fire Escapes, a collaborative theatre performance created with Ameline Gorbet and Shelby Shapiro, and with assistance from Gary Kirkham, concerning youth and suicide.

Subterranean, a play centered around the fate of a child lost in a cave, accompanied by three apparitions struggling with the purpose of their existence.

Justice, a comedy involving two roommates who have been hiding their secret identities from each other – in fact, they’re a superhero and supervillain.